December 2019

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The missing link: Rejoinder to Niran Adedokun

At the time of my piece on Alternative Contact Address, little did I realise that Nigerians were yearning for a reawakening, nay, revival, of moral standards of the past commonly taken for granted in other climes where values still matter. Notwithstanding the warm reception of the message, I resolved not to make any further comment on the issue. I was preparing another public service paper on open defecation in our environment as my last column for the year. However, on Thursday, December 19, I stumbled on a write-up on the same issue of importance of alternative contact address in the Punch...

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Sudden death and environmental pollution (2)

All these ultimately lead to global warming, which grounds the change in climatic condition today. Today, weather situation has largely defied the traditional predictions. Rainfall continues unabated during the conventionally dry spell while heat condition soars in a period expected to be winter. The impact of this on food security, water struggle and conflict is better imagined. Adjunct to the above is noise pollution. This has assumed dangerous dimensions but without commensurate attention from all those concerned. In Nigeria, it is derivable from multiple sources such as noise from religious homes, bus terminals, generating sets, motor vehicles, industries, nightclubs, music retailers,...

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My disengagement and importance of alternative address

Yesterday on my Twitter handle, I announced that my response on the disengagement from Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) shall be the subject of discussion in my column today. So, where we are! Tuesday, December 10, 2019, my tenure as the chairman of AMCON would seem to have expired upon the nomination of Mr. Edward Adamu as the new chairman of the bad loan vehicle. News about this development came to me while in London in the middle of a crash education programme. The negatively interesting aspect of it is the lamentations that trailed the announcement by some friends and...

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Sudden death and environmental pollution (1)

It is common these days to read in obituary adverts that the deceased died suddenly. Each time I read this, I wonder if it is indeed possible medically, exempting the scenes in most comedy/drama plays where persons are said to have been remotely assassinated diabolically, to die suddenly. My common knowledge of science, nay biology, just like it applies to mechanical equipment, is that death occurs through a process of completion. What do I mean by this? In most cases, before the body shuts down, there must have been gradual disintegration of the system. This I consider or I describe mostly...

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