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Nigerian politicians and election petitions (2)

Politicians engage miscreants, street urchins and at times even security agents to perpetrate violence on the electorate and electoral officials and fellow politicians in order to gain undue advantage in elections. As a consequence, they disrupt and frustrate elections in areas of their weakness and even manipulate in areas of strength. You can multiply the nefarious acts carried out in this regard. These form the basis for the inevitable contest of the results at the election tribunals. The rate of unemployment and unemployable youths also imposes on the system charlatans, brigands and other undesirable elements who do not understand what electoral...

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Nigerian politicians and election petitions (1)

Recently, on February 18, 2020, I read the page of my friend, Onikepo Braitwaite, titled “Examining the Constitutionality of Independent National Electoral Commission’s Deregistration of Political Parties,” in Thisday newspaper, wherein she raised a pertinent issue of why there are always so many election petitions in Nigeria after every election. The amazement is what I intend to address in this piece. For non-lawyers, election petitions are cases instituted in specially created court-like judicial bodies, often technically and constitutionally referred to as election tribunals, in instances of elections into offices other than presidential, to address the dissatisfaction of a party/candidate on...

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Imo and Bayelsa conundrums: Where are the Lawyers?(2)

I am not too sure my colleagues have lost their voices in this regard. Are the legal advisers of the political parties involved comfortable with the notorious acts? Where are the other giants in the profession? Where is the International Federation of Women Lawyers? The members of the public may view the failure to condemn these dangerous acts and utterances as a tacit endorsement. The Nigerian Bar Association, in a statement released on Monday, February 24, 2020, did right by condemning the attack on the judiciary. As the NBA also rightly noted, the mob action was a notice to all...

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