May 2020

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Is Nigeria ready for virtual court hearing?

The reality of COVID-19 is not so much a matter for discussion anymore, as the truth is that a ‘new normal’ has been created in our world. The judiciary being no exception to this new dawn, judges, lawyers and litigants are already scampering for alternative ways of litigating other than physical appearance in open court. In the process, virtual court hearing surfaced. However, this appears not to be without its attendant challenges: infrastructural, constitutional and even moral challenges. There has been a raging debate over the constitutionality or otherwise of the virtual court hearing, just as necessary infrastructural requirements to make...

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Power sector and dangers of single unitary grid

About a month ago, I wrote a piece on the above subject that dealt with solving the perennial challenge of providing steady power supply to our people. In that piece, I addressed substantially the major constraint within the downstream sector of our electricity supply chain. I categorically submitted therein that, with appropriate pricing and discriminatory cross-subsidization, we can resolve easily the challenge of power supply in the country while reaping other attendant benefits. (Read my column of April 30, 2020 “Let there be light (1)” Today, my engagement will centre on the upstream sector of the power chain and the...

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The challenge of patronage in national development (2)

Let me state categorically here that the price of incompetence is greater than that of corruption. The relationship often is that the former is a product of the latter while the former in turn promotes the latter, just as a son is a father of a man. In our ensuing discussion next, we shall adumbrate on this. Going further, the filling of positions in the country is another area of concern. For the tendentious tribal jingoists, ethnic irredentists, religious bigots and their likes, they will have to pardon me for I am not their fan on this. I believe that...

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The challenge of patronage in national development (1)

A new dawn just suddenly arrived globally, Nigeria inclusive. It is one in which everyone is scampering for safety. Safety valves are being triggered globally to save humanity. While some countries that have prepared for the rainy day were not caught unawares by the COVID-19 pandemic, some were caught pants down. The latter category is where our dear country belongs. Nigeria is unable to effectively respond to the eventuality that has visited us, not so much in terms of health alone but in virtually all sectors. In the health sector, Nigerians across board, right from the parliamentarians to the executive, all...

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