July 2020

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Recently, in the course of the House of Representatives’ probe of the affairs of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), when the Minister for Niger Delta Affairs, Senator Godswill Akpabio, was being interrogated, he imputed that majority of the contracts awarded in the agency went to the members of the Parliament and was on the verge of disclosing further particulars when the chairman of the panel rudely cut in to stop him intermittently. Sensing the adamant nature of the minister to continue with the disclosures, the chairman of the probe panel muttered severally by way of cautioning him to skip...

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The scramble for Nigeria

The above topic is a historical allusion to the secondary school history classes of the olden days: The Scramble for and Partition of Africa. One remembers the Berlin Conference of 1884 – 85 in which Europe, with a lacerating knife of a pencil on a map of Africa, shared the territories of the continent among themselves and in a blind plunder invaded the territories, this time not to seek slaves but to extract, exploit and purloin the natural resources of the sleeping giant. In a depredatory calculation that history will never forget, Africa was fought over, greedily, by its politico-economic...

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What is wrong with Nigeria?

Almost a year ago, I wrote several columns on the challenges of Nigeria as a nation and the possible solutions (See my column of September 5, 2019, “Nigeria: How did we get here?” but, as expected, nothing has changed till date. This time around, I am compelled to revisit the subject due to a video clip I watched in the social media where a former dean of Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy revealed the secret the growth and development of Singapore into First World from Third World. Remember, Nigeria and Singapore started off together as nations virtually...

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Nigerian politician as a symbol of vanity

In the last couple of months, much prior to the invasion of our earthly space by the COVID-19 pandemic, Nigerian politicians had resumed their usual political gymnastics against the next series of elections in the year 2023. The struggle is today getting fiercer already with its toll on the ruling party, particularly. This is no news, as the belief in Nigeria is that the power of incumbency at the centre is crucial to success at both the central and all other levels of election. Hence, the pressure is usually on the ruling party by the various aspirants to public offices. As...

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FAAN needs help to save lives

A look at the title of this piece might appear a bit misleading and confusing as to the purport and intent of the message. At first glance, it would appear I am soliciting the assistance or protection from Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) in safeguarding our lives. If construed in that manner, the reader might not be distant from the real message, as the ultimate desire is to galvanize support for FAAN to save our lives. On the other hand, it may be interpreted that I am seeking urgent intervention of FAAN to make probably some payments long overdue...

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