November 2020

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Between the people and the police, who is to blame?

This question becomes pertinent and compelling to ask in the wake of the recent protests against the defunct Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Nigeria Police Force and the Police Force in general. The police institution is established for the protection of the citizens generally and by all standards, must be the friend of the people. It is in recognition of this fact that the police institution usually displays posters to the effect that the police is your friend in all its outlets. What then could have gone wrong as to render the erstwhile partners foes? This is the crux of...

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#EndSARS protest: The road map

The story of today revolves around a wise man that knows the limit of his strength. Most times, people crash because they fail to appreciate the limit of their capacity. This applies to leadership and, by extension, government. To situate the gist of this piece properly, I am taking a brief and elementary excursion into the concept of social pact.   Recall that, during the state of nature, all individuals had their natural rights, which they exercised maximally. There was no restriction as to the way and manner in which individuals exercised their rights. Consequently, conflicts and chaos characterised that era, and...

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#EndSARS probe: Going beyond surface scratch

Nigeria has, at different times been described as a nation of no consequences due to the fact that failure of leadership, indiscretion in governance and deliberate wastage of people’s goodwill have not, on most occasions, attracted condign punishments whether through the implementation of the laws or collective resolve of the people who ought to check such irresponsibility by their voting power. As we recycle same set of delinquent politicians whose mastery in governance is self-aggrandizement and wanton gluttony, the nation has remained prostrate as a reclining giant.   Due to this, without any form of pretense to clairvoyance or supernatural powers, I...

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Reaping the fruit of our labour

As I ruminate about the word ‘hoodlum,’ certain questions that agitate my mind are: Who are these hoodlums? Are they humans or spirits? Are they Nigerians? What could be their mission? Are they sane? Could they be arsonists or terrorists as suggested or insinuated in some states like Osun and Edo? In my quest for the appreciation of the description, I checked my dictionary and found out that it means either of two things: a violent criminal or a young ruffian. The latter description I believe is a lesser evil that could be tamed as, most times, it relates to...

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