December 2020

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Taming insecurity in Nigeria (1)

If in recent times, there has been any issue of interest to an average Nigerian, or a topic much interrogated in the media, it is insecurity of lives and properties in Nigeria. The situation appears so bad that most missions in Nigeria issue travel advisories from time to time warning their citizens against any unnecessary sojourn into Nigeria, and for those inevitably within to be vigilant at all times and watch their backs. Nigerians across the nation are equally not at peace within and outside their homes. Not only during the day must your eyes be kept open, the night...

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Issues in Nigerian food security

Nigeria will appear to be currently ravaged from all fronts. As the country is grappling with security challenges nationally, the economy is hemorrhaging so badly to the extent of its been in second recession. Corruption remains unabated while the standard of living depreciates daily. Inflation continues to be on the rise to the extent that food inflation is nearing nineteen percent now. Virtually every stable food price is towering above the reach of the common man. Unemployment figure soars as factories and businesses close down on a daily basis due to several factors ranging from the effect of the pandemic...

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Health care delivery: The capital market option

A while ago, I spoke on the deplorable state of the Nigeria’s health care facilities, just in the same manner several Nigerians have spoken about the problem. It is common knowledge, as alluded to above, that there is practically no functional public health care facility, properly so called, in Nigeria. Hence, this reality of the comatose state of Nigeria’s healthcare facilities requires no further lamentation as such could amount to kicking a dead dog. Consequently, my mission is to interrogate the possible options of salvaging the health care system in Nigeria, particularly the funding aspect. In my piece titled “Our...

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APC and the proverbial one-eared dog

The depth of Yoruba language as shown in its aphorisms laced with ancient but always relevant wisdom will not cease to amaze any proficient speaker of the language. In this piece, I am not out to celebrate the flowers of the language, the beauty of its rendition or the bottomless depth of its wisdom. I only intend to examine a recent national development that proves the soundness of the Yoruba proverb that talks of the proverbial wise-after-the-event dog that only learnt to stow the knife after its ear was amputated. A t’ehin ra ogbon, a g’eti aja, won ge leti...

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Nafest, covid-19 and the paradox of insecurity

The just-concluded 33rd National Festival of Arts and Culture (NAFEST) is one of Nigeria’s major positive developments of 2020. But the wonderful cultural showpiece was almost eclipsed by incidents of insecurity and the overwhelming impact of COVID-19 pandemic the very period the fiesta climaxed in Jos, Plateau State. Indeed, the spate of both coronavirus and insecurity was an assault on humanity. They touched the raw nerves of Nigerians and evoked global outcry. While we are still reeling from the shock of recent attacks by insurgents and bandits, it is important to, take a few minutes to exult in the feats of...

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