January 2021

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COVID-19: Let us get serious

In the wake of the pandemic and the confusion surrounding its nature, several protocols were developed around the elimination of the disease, particularly the transmission process. For example, human beings are expected to maintain a physical and social distance of two metres from each other. The washing of hands with soap and water and the regular sanitization of hands after touching any surface was institutionalized. Public transportation protocol in terms of the number of passengers to be moved by vehicles was stated. All social and religious gatherings were forbidden, including closure of hotels and all entertainment centres. Isolation after exposure...

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Rethinking the absolute franchise system in Nigeria (2)

In my last column on the above topic, I had canvassed the view that Nigeria needs to reset her template in terms of the franchise system it operates. In that piece, Thursday, January 14, 2021, “Rethinking the absolute franchise system in Nigeria,” I was and am still of the opinion that the power to exercise franchise must not be an unqualified one. In essence, it must not be a free rein without any measurable parameter towards entitlement. In reaction to the contention, so many queries were raised, the most pertinent of which is that it is an undemocratic practice to...

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Rethinking the absolute franchise system in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the history of voting rights is as complex as the diversity obtainable in the country. Thus, any attempt at x-raying the arrays of differences on the subject may be unhelpful to the corpus of the discussion herein. Consequently, for the purpose of our engagement under consideration, I simply will remind us that voting rights in the nature of universal suffrage evolved too rapidly in the country. That is to say, between the year 1954 when the general election proper commenced and the year 1979 when the universal suffrage was allowed nationally, there was a restriction on voting rights...

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Taming insecurity in Nigeria (2)

Permit me to welcome us all to the year 2021. May the good Lord continue to abide with us. I concluded last year’s discussions with Part 1 of the above topic, while promising to open the year 2021 with Part 2. It is, therefore, not accidental nor is it a coincidence that I am discussing the subject at this material time. By bringing up the topic at this time, the message I aim to communicate is to register the point that the country, by omission or commission, was largely insecure in the year 2020, thereby desirous of and arguably requiring...

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