February 2021

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As propounded by the ruling party, All Progressives Congress (APC), and by extension the government of the day, to all Nigerians, anti-corruption remains a cardinal programme of the government. In virtually all facets of life of Nigerians, the government of Nigeria has been struggling to eliminate corruption. To what extent the government has been able to address this concern, remains a subject of controversy. Suffice, however, to state that from my personal perspective I have always said that there is over-concentration of efforts on loot recovery at the expense of combating corruption holistically. There is no doubt that fighting corruption...

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Where Jakande faltered, no grass may grow again

When death comes calling, it leaves a sour taste of irredeemable loss. The whole world descends on the deceased in appreciation of his good deeds and forbids negative assessment. The bold ones would, however, come out of the taboo and break the shells of hypocrisy that tradition has mischievously woven into human mentality, particularly in Africa, where it is said that you do not speak ill of the dead. That is why the Sage says, “Live your life well and spare us the need to lie at your funeral.” Today, I am X-raying the leadership qualities of our great departed soul,...

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The recent development in the banking industry has called for this intervention. Although it is a matter about which I cannot lay claim to any competence, as a pedestrian in the area, I observe so much policy summersaults and inconsistencies that tend to suggest confusion as a result of experimentation by the institution involved. This is in the management of the economy by the apex bank, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). Not quite long ago, the CBN stopped payment of dollars to those who transferred funds from abroad into the country, or whose receipt in the country was denominated...

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Service Chiefs: Better Late Than Never

President Muhammadu Buhari has just changed the military service chiefs. The conclusion in some quarters, which we equally share, is “better late than never.” Although it will seem, as the spokesmen of the President always say, the President has his own style and hates to be stampeded into decisions, it is clear that he is actually not oblivious of the agitations of the people for this practical step that he has just taken. Such an attitude has its good and bad sides. It may suggest a calculative and reflective leadership acumen that is not hasty in taking decisions. It may, on...

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