April 2021

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COVID-19 donations: Call for probity, accountability

Barely a year ago, I wrote a piece with the title “Our fate after COVID-19: Public alert,” on April 6, 2020, where I highlighted a wide range of issues to be worked on, if Nigeria is to take advantage of the pandemic that has thrown up opportunities for the improvement of Nigeria’s heathcare facilities, notwithstanding the impact of the virus on the people. At that period, Nigerians across board seemed to agree that the health sector of the country was in a coma and needed urgent resurrection. Remember the statement of the chairman of the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19,...

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Judiciary’s financial autonomy: JUSUN is right!

In the recent past and up till about a week ago, I have been intervening in matters relating to the financial autonomy of the judiciary. Thus, I am an unrepentant supporter and advocate of financial autonomy for the judiciary for several reasons that I shall highlight in the course of this discussion. However, before embarking on that voyage, let me, for the umpteenth time, commend the executive and members of the Judiciary Staff Union of Nigeria (JUSUN) for their resoluteness on this issue. The union, at various times, has interrogated the issue via multiple legitimate means to actualize the import of...

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Odumakin: Triumph of activism over materialism

The remnants of the Revolutionary Left in Nigeria were recently dealt a devastating blow on the 2nd day of April, 2021, with the demise of the fiery activist, Yinka Odumakin. It is not that his death did not confound others of different orientations and ideological backgrounds, but the Leftists in Nigeria would probably lay claim to Odumakin as belonging to their primary constituency based on his antecedents and activism till death. The announcement of his death has left many in a state of shock, as there was no public knowledge of his prior ill health. On the same day, it...

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Time to Allow Electronic Voting

The challenges bedevilling conduct of free and fair elections in Nigeria have become so legendary that reviewing them regularly and suggesting solutions cannot be too much. The rate at which politicians grow desperate to either occupy political offices or ensure a surrogate is enthroned is quite alarming. It reminds one of the poem of the iconic poet, Niyi Osundare, The Leaders and the Led, in which the poet paints the jungle politics among animals jostling to occupy the position of leadership. While some know the purpose of public service, others just struggle to be there without any inkling as to...

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