June 2021

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Internet fraud and Nigerian youths

The Nigerian situation is one cascading down the hill. This hill of morality to which our parents trained us to subscribe; the hill of social values and cultures; the hill of honesty, responsibility, integrity and moral uprightness. Like the Greek mythology of Sisyphus, punished twice by performing the impossible but eternal task of rolling the boulder up the hill, in contrast, the fading conscience of the nation has been labouring to sustain the seemingly too high hill of rectitude against the morass of moral decadence and turpitude that has taken over its youths. On our streets, in the metropole and the...

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Criminalising ransom payment, a psychopathic option

As citizens of Nigeria were heaving a sigh f relief from the release of the remaining students of Greenfield University upon the alleged payment of the huge sum of one N180 million by the parents as ransom, over 200 pupils of Islamiyya School in Tegina, Rafi Local Government Area, Niger State, were again carted away like chattels by kidnappers. Prior to the release of the remaining 14 students of Greenfield University, five of them had already been killed by the kidnappers as a demonstration bait. Two days after, again, a school bus was hijacked with the attendant in Ondo State. This...

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Constitution amendment: Another scam?

When, last week, the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria commenced the jamboree called public hearing across the various zones of the nation for the purpose of amending the present 1999 Constitution (as amended), not so much was the expectation of observers and, justifiably so, at the conclusion of the public hearing, not so much was achieved. The outcome of the public hearing was not surprising as the package was from the onset flawed, particularly in terms of publicity. The language of communication in the first instance was English, which excluded those who could neither read nor write in...

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