July 2021

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Electronic transmission of election results, a must

When, a few weeks ago, the National Assembly embarked on public hearing across the nation in the process of amending the grundnorm of the country, the Nigerian Constitution, I had cause to analyze the purport of the journey and ended up dubbing it as a legislative scam. This time around, it is the Electoral Act that is in the process of being amended. The Electoral Act is made pursuant to the Constitution of Nigeria and meant to regulate the way and manner elections are conducted in Nigeria. All processes connected with the conduct of elections in Nigeria are guided by...

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Issues in death of local government in Nigeria

Recent agitations about the need for local government autonomy have exposed a sore point in our concept of public administration. It is clear that the desire of principal actors in Nigeria of what they want to call ‘federalism’ is at variance with the constitutional stipulation of what federalism means. By Section 7 thereof, the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (as amended), contemplates a local government system as an independent structure as regards being democratically elected in its councils. Accordingly, the Constitution mandates the government of every state, subject to Section 8 of the Constitution, to ensure the...

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Governance and Nigeria’s mercantile politics

Few days ago when I read about the imminent defection of the Governor of Zamfara State, Bello Muhammad Matawalle, from the People’s Democratic Party ( PDP), the platform on which he was elected, to the All Progressives Congress (APC), my exasperation attained the peak. This is because, over time, this issue has been agitating my mind but with no opportunity to vent it. The act of defecting is not new in Nigeria, as it is already a pattern in the political firmament of the nation. Right from the inception of civilian rule, otherwise disguised as democracy in Nigeria in 1999,...

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