August 2021

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Tinubu, Banire and Ethos of Omoluabi

The Yoruba culture is one that is very deep in fostering values of respect, love and empathy for one another, even in a state of utter disagreement. This might be the same in many other cultures in Africa, which might make it a continental orientation, but my birth, growth and socialization being a process providentially programmed by destiny to be among the noble people of Yoruba descent, have made me deeply appreciative of these values of Omoluabi. Our parents, by patriarchal and matriarchal decrees, instilled in our memory and thinking that the highest virtues and injunctions imposed by the scriptures...

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APC and impunity of arrogant power

Active political seasons are here again among political parties as we warm up in preparation for elections in 2023. While most states of the federation await 2023 to elect all political office holders, impunity in our political landscape, which has seen itself as a permanent occupant of our land, has changed the fortunes of some states so that their own governorship elections come at times other than the general election. Examples are Kogi, Osun, Anambra, Ekiti and Ondo. Thus, while other states are preparing for 2023, the above-named states have obligations to prepare for elections at other times than what...

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