December 2021

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Making Nigeria work

As the year runs to an end and as we all, as individuals and entities, continue to take stock of the year in retrospect, I believe it is auspicious that the state of the nation be equally diagnosed towards possible prognosis for recovery and possible growth. There is no doubt that the country is in a quagmire, putting it mildly, as some contenders believe that the country has even failed. As debatable as this could be, the truth remains that all certainly is not well with our nation. Is it the economic eclipse, prevalent and high level of insecurity, collapsing...

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Building collapse in Nigeria: Matters arising (2)

I shall dwell more on this under capacity building. In this regard, there is no doubt that building technology is dynamic. There is the need for the officials, including those in charge of processing approvals, to keep pace with the development in the real estate sector. From time to time, training of the officials must be scheduled. How many of them are conversant with the technicalities involved in the construction of high-rise buildings with the latest technology in the sector? How many have, in the recent past, been exposed to latest equipment in the real estate arena? This equally applies...

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Building collapse in Nigeria: Matters arising (1)

Weeks ago, Lagos witnessed another monumental building collapse, consuming no fewer than 47 lives. A 21-floor building under construction in Ikoyi collapsed like a house of cards. Consequent upon this, a lot of brickbats took place as to the possible causes as well as possible culprits in the events leading to the collapse. This certainly was not the only building collapse in the state that was that fatalistic. There was that of Lekki Gardens a few years ago, among others. Of course, in the nation, one probably has lost count of such occurrences. In order to ascertain the factors responsible...

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Secondary education and culture of bullying

Tragedies of monumental proportions have taken over our academic environment in recent times as students, sent by parents to achieve academic laurels, have become monsters constituting nuisance to their own future and society. Experiences have shown consistent challenge to societal moral control when tertiary institution students developed destructive cultures of cultism, which led to the deprivation of many young lives and future glories. Over time, this culture of cultism percolated down to the secondary schools and the general town caught the bug. The attempt by the nefarious elements of the dark occultic practices to catch our youths into the net...

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