January 2022

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NUC: please, save the nation

When, a few weeks ago, on December 2, 2021, I wrote on the state of our tertiary institutions, “Tertiary education and the future of Nigeria: Another perspective (”, particularly the universities, pursuant to the convocation lecture delivered by learned silk, Mallam Yusuf Alli, SAN, little did I know that I would shortly be visiting and interrogating the subject again. This time around, the major difference is specifically my appeal to the National Universities Commission (the Commission), the body responsible for the licensing of the Nigerian universities and, presumably, setting the right  standard for the operations and outputs of the universities,...

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Letter to Nigerian Politicians (1)

Dear Nigerian politician, it is difficult to wish you a happy new year as starting a year with the realization that the problems confronting the nation, Nigeria, are still with us could be demoralizing. Years in the past, when I had enthusiastically engaged a new cycle of days with the famous greeting of “Happy New Year!” virtually left me at the end with pessimistic conclusions of hopelessness, which came as a result of your acts and omissions. However, knowing that the challenges you have put before Nigerians are not surmounted by resigning to fate, I have decided to trudge on...

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