February 2022

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Political parties and primaries

Political parties in Nigeria are the only constitutionally recognized vessels for vying for political offices.  This shows the rationale behind the continuous struggle that goes on in the various political parties. There is no alternative for the aspirants than this. Strangely, when these agitations take place, they should and must not be mistaken for interest in good governance of the country but simply struggle for power among the ignoble gladiators. The most virulent periods in the various political parties are usually during the election of the members of the executive arm of the party that will conduct the party primaries...

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Proliferation of Law School campuses

That political satire, “Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again,” by Professor Ola Rotimi, produced in 1977, is currently being acted in Nigeria’s legislative chambers as the play captures the emerging scenario and the unfolding events in the academic space. When, on the 2nd day of December, 2021, I penned the piece, “Tertiary Education and the Future of Nigeria: Another Perspective!” ( and recently on the 20th day of January, 2022, I wrote the piece published under the title “NUC: Please Save the Nation” ( little did I realise that I was not only envisaging another calamitous event by our legislators...

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Letter to Nigerian electorate (2)

In the process of staying in the open air overnight, these marketmen and women are exposed not only to inclement weather but also to all manner of insect bites, including mosquitoes, which make them vulnerable to catching cold, pneumonia, malaria and other ailments. Unfortunately, their oppressors are never available after the election to cater for them, with the ultimate consequential effect of death in some instances.   This comes as the aftermath of the deprivation of their democratic right of free choice. Because they need to survive, they succumb to this demand of their oppressors and lose their lives in the process....

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Letter to Nigerian electorate (1)

The rationale behind this letter is essentially to expose the fraud and iniquities perpetrated by politicians on the people, wittingly and unwittingly aided by the electorate through their actions and inactions, with a view to remedying the ills before the next general election. The class of Nigerians called the electorate is the most difficult and critical to the Nigerian democratic experiment. You wonder who they are? The electorate are the Nigerians who are eligible to cast votes in each successive general election. They are presumably those citizens of Nigeria that have satisfied the constitutional requirements of competence to vote and...

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