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Leadership recruitment: Missing anchor in national development

The above title is chosen from the Annual Pre-Ramadan Lecture of the University of Lagos Muslim Alumni Association held a few days ago, precisely on March 27, 2022, at the University of Lagos Auditorium. There is no time more apt than now to interrogate the subject. This is particularly so as we inch towards the general election in the country. The consensus of opinion (not as in the ‘consensus’ of the ruling party, All Progressives Congress as shown in the party’s recently concluded convention) is that the country is certainly unwell. The source of the ailment or the trigger of...

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Most times, they even invite the nominees with specific entreaties that they have assignments for them. This assignment is, most times, to compromise electoral processes in favour of their political parties or tendencies. This is no news in our climes.   My first admonition and appeal to these appointees into the Commission is to remember the oaths they have taken in terms of independence and impartiality. For those with pedigree, they must let this count for something but even if you, as an appointee of the politicians into the Commission lack pedigree, remember your reputation and protect same. Remember always the son...

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Letter to Independent National Electoral Commission (1)

The Independent National Electoral Commission (the Commission) is the body constitutionally saddled with the responsibility of conducting elections to all political offices at all levels of government in Nigeria, except the local government elections in the states. The Commission is so named as such due to the compelling necessity for it to be truly independent. It is expected to be an impartial body in the discharge of its responsibilities, this being the reason for the emphasis of independence in the description of the appellation. Since the Commission cannot act, on its own, the impartiality mandated by the name and the...

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Constitution amendment and citizens’ expectations (2)

Let me start by stating that the fundamental objectives are like the advertised manifesto of the government at all levels in Nigeria. They are promises made to the citizens by the state.   The only significant difference in this case is that the promises made are entrenched in a fundamental document known as the grundnorm by lawyers. The grundnorm is the supreme law or the document against which all other rules and regulations that govern us are tested. It is a binding document on all authorities and citizens. In some instances, those entitlements contained in the fundamental objectives as I would prefer...

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Constitution amendment and citizens’ expectations

As the National Assembly concludes the constitution amendment process triggered some few months ago, citizens’ expectations that were hitherto high would seem to have been dampened with the release of over 60 clauses slated for amendment without that affecting their main source of survival, which is the fundamental objectives and directive principles of state policy contained in Chapter II of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999. It is not my intention to start an x-ray of the over 60 clauses proposed for amendment, but simply to focus on the elephant in the house that was not touched...

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