April 2022

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Letter to security agents in respect of Nigeria’s elections

This letter, dedicated to the security agents in Nigeria, is the fourth in the series of the letters targeted at the relevant critical stakeholders in Nigeria’s electoral process. It will be recalled that we commenced with the letter to politicians (See my column in the Daily Sun of January 6, 2022 “ Letter to Nigerian Politicians”), followed by the letter to the electorate (See my column in the Daily Sun of February 3, 2022 (“Letter to Nigerian electorate”), then the letter to the electoral umpire (See my column in the Daily Sun of March 17, 2022, (“Letter to...

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Time to hold government accountable (Part 2)

Where the government is held responsible for dereliction of duty, it may in turn recover its own losses from any private owner of such trucks whose failure to comply with the law led to the losses for which the government is held accountable due to dereliction of duty. This puts everybody in check. More often than not, we experience houses collapsing all over the country. In most of the building collapse incidents, workers and people around such collapsed buildings die, get maimed and harmed in one way or the other. In some instances, investors in such collapsed buildings lose their...

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Time to hold government accountable (1)

As an aside to the discussion in this piece, I was accosted recently by an elderly friend on the need for me to be selective in the kinds of information I dispense through this medium. According to him, an elder does not divulge all that he sees or knows, as that signpost’s immaturity. I know my elderly friend meant no harm but was just concerned genuinely for me. My reaction to the piece of advice was simply to appreciate him and seek his elderly wisdom in the future in isolating what ought to be disclosed from that which should be...

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