May 2022

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Season of delegates’ emergency prosperity

The past few weeks have exposed another weakness or madness in our political lifestyle. It is politicians and the culture of vote buying during primary elections of political parties. With the Independent National Electoral Commission’s decision to hold primary elections of political parties as early as possible, which is more than 180 days before the general election, as prescribed under the new Electoral Act, 2022, we have seen political hawks and a few genuine politicians traversing the length and breadth of various political constituencies campaigning, consulting, cajoling and calculating with all manner of wild promises. While the Electoral Act, 2022,...

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INEC and 2023 elections: How really prepared?

As is known to the majority of Nigerians, the Independent National Electoral Commission (hereinafter referred to as INEC or the Commission) is the body constitutionally saddled with the conduct of elections and referendum in the country. It is presumably a body that is to be impartial in the conduct of elections and other responsibilities. Its responsibilities, among others, range from civic education of voters, registration of voters, conduct of elections and defence of election petitions. Towards achieving this objective, the law governing the activities of the Commission, provides that the Commission shall be funded at least a year to the...

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Letter to security agents in respect of Nigeria’s elections (2)

This is the window the President exploits in unleashing them, at times, on the opposition members and their sympathizers. The men of the Department of State Security deal essentially with the gathering of intelligence towards the prevention and detection within Nigeria of any crime against the internal security of the nation.   The use of the military to subvert electoral process and rig in the most violent manner has led to severe criticism of involving military men in simple electoral processes. The hue and cry from the public has got to the ears of the judiciary and Their Lordships do not mince...

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