August 2022

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Disobedience to court orders and anarchy in Nigeria (2)

This prompted another action in Abuja filed by Vigeo Power Limited before the Honourable Justice Emeka Nwite in which the court granted orders restraining the defendants in the suit from taking over the management of the BEDC. The court order, a copy of which I am privileged to see, also directs the directors appointed by PBE from parading themselves as directors of the company pending the hearing and determination of the motion on notice. The above orders have been observed more in the breach than observance as the Federal Government has deployed force through the police to take over BEDC...

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Disobedience to court orders and anarchy in Nigeria (1)

That there is a correlation between disobedience to court order and anarchy seems to be a fact yet to be appreciated by most Nigerians. This probably informs the choice of topic by the recent NBA-SPIDEL organizing committee when it couched the conversation as “Disobedience to court orders and the slide to state of anarchy”.  This presupposes the probability of a slide to anarchy should court orders be continuously disobeyed. I was privileged to be the lead speaker and I had to recalibrate the title of my presentation as above. This is simply based on my conviction that it is not...

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Ediye n laagun

My intervention today is a personal one. It may roll into the problems confronting the nation as regards the escalating poverty level and the demand culture from the people around us. I believe and even know that it is like that with many averagely better off citizens, as the case has become the living proof of the Yoruba proverb that “Olowo kan laarin otosi mefa, otosi ni gbogbo won,” which translates to mean “one rich man in the midst of six destitute individuals is also destitute”.   My attitude towards giving to people around me, whom I consider to be in need,...

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Who will save the naira?

This is the question most Nigerians are gasping for breath over now. Nigerians seem to be finally exasperated with the continuous astronomical rise in the exchange value of the country’s currency, the naira. Is it devaluation of currency that it is called? The purchasing power of our currency is dwindling badly to the extent that it is gradually becoming an abomination to keep naira now. Even investments in naira are now bad news, particularly when inflation is running at above 18 per cent. Even the returns on investment are at best around 16 per cent, rendering same ab initio a...

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